Detroit Homeowner May Have Caught Serial Rapist on Video

A chilling home security video of what appears to be a burglar casing a house for a possible robbery may have caught a serial rapist on tape, MyFoxDetroit reported Friday.

Detroit police who have been searching for a predator who has raped at least four women on the city's east side believe they may have gotten a glimpse of their suspect on a tape provided by a homeowner who works in the security industry and had his home rigged with a camera.

The tape, obtained by MyFoxDetroit, shows a large African-American male on the front porch of the home, opening the screen door, testing the door knob to see if it was locked, and sliding the window glass open. Homeowner Jesse Collins said tapes from his security camera show the man casing his house several times, and police say that the man may have had crimes other than burglary on his mind.

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Police told Collins that the man on the tape may be the serial rapist they've been hunting. Collins' mother, who also lives in the house, told MyFoxDetroit that she is now afraid to be home alone.

Authorities told MyFoxDetroit that while they cannot be sure the man on the tape is their rape suspect, they would like to speak with him.