Designated Driver Kicked Out of Florida Bar for Not Drinking Alcohol

A Florida man who said he only wanted to do the right thing by driving his beer-drinking friends instead was designated for disrespect by a bar owner who allegedly beat him up before tossing him, a Miami TV station reported Wednesday.

Gary Maujean and his wife and friends visited Claire's Lounge in Pinellas Park, Fla., where Maujean ordered a soda, abstaining from alcohol so he could be the designated driver.

His lawyer, Tom Carey claims the bar's owner grabbed Maujean, slammed his head against the door and then threw him out, causing an injury that required more than twelve stitches, reported WFOR.

Maujean is planning to file a discrimination lawsuit against the establishment over the incident.

The bar tells the story a little differently, however. They claim Maujean didn't order anything to drink at all.

Now the Florida legislature is getting involved in the issue.

State Senator Mike Fasano has proposed a bill that would ban bar owners from ejecting designated drivers for choosing not to drink.

The bill would also stop bars from refusing to serve customers based on factors like race, sex, religion or nation of origin.