Dennis Miller on ACORN, Tea Party Protest, Kanye West

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BILL O'REILLY, HOST: In the "Miller Time" segment tonight: Let's get right to it, because we have lots to talk about. Our pal and radio superstar Dennis Miller joins us from Los Angeles. He will be in Chicago this coming Thursday to host a benefit for USA Cares, which helps military families in need. Very nice thing to do, Miller. So I hope everybody comes out in Chicago and, you know, helps out that fine organization.

All right. At the top of the program, we laid out the ACORN debacle. Eighty-three to seven in the Senate. The seven senators said, you know, we don't really care what ACORN does. We want to still give them taxpayer money. What say you?

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DENNIS MILLER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I'll say you laid them out. You didn't leave much left.


MILLER: You went after that like a flock of seagulls on a Dreamsicle for God's sake. Before I go on, did you hear Charlie Gibson today? He had not heard of this at all?

O'REILLY: Well, I know. We used the sound bite. Charlie, somehow he missed it. But look, the network news, you know how disengaged they are.

MILLER: Charlie.

O'REILLY: Look, Charlie is a good guy, and he's a good newsman.

MILLER: Yes. Great guy. He's got to wake up though. He's got to pay attention to the story and not put it off on the cables. If he paid attention to this like he accuses Palin of paying attention to the Bush Doctrine, he would have known about it.

O'REILLY: Now, ACORN itself, there are two schools of thought: that it's an organization that is a criminal enterprise, or that it's an organization that does some good and has some rogue elements in it. You say?

MILLER: Well, you tell me. It looks like a grifter organization to me, and this kid's evidently got more tapes he's going to roll out. It would appear that every office so far is a different office. I think it's like a competition between each of them, who's grifting the system more. And therefore I'm proposing a new reality game show to see which of the offices is most effective at gaming the system. We'll have judges and call it "American Idle," spelled I-D-L-E. And this way we can fix — Simon can come in, maybe Paula, if she needs the job, and pick which of the ACORN offices is doing the most to, you know, take the government money. It's unbelievable.

O'REILLY: It is unbelievable.

MILLER: We're talking about underage hookers, Bill, and nobody's blinking an eye.

O'REILLY: Nobody.

MILLER: I mean, these people have to be brought down. I think these two kids deserve Pulitzers, quite frankly.

O'REILLY: Well, they'll never get them. They're going to, you know, the Maryland authorities said they might even arrest them, and we are politely suggesting the Maryland attorney general not do that and the Baltimore authorities cease and desist, or there is going to be trouble. Because as you said, these guys, these two — these two — the feds won't investigate. We've got Louisiana investigating Buddy Caldwell down there, but the feds won't investigate. They know, Holder knows, but he's not going to investigate because it's a Democratic machine element, ACORN. So these two kids take it upon themselves to go around — now the one thing that — that Hill pointed out that's accurate is that they went to a bunch of other ACORN agencies that didn't do that kind of stuff. So we have to be fair. We have to mention that. But my question now is does this hurt President Obama? Obama has got some ties to ACORN because ACORN supported him and he said nice things about them. But does it hurt him?

MILLER: Sure it does. Just the fact that he's uttered the name ACORN and in a way that wasn't disparaging somewhere over the course of the campaign. This looks really bad. And Marc Lamont Hill can talk about the ones who didn't do it, but I'm talking about there's three — now there's rumored to be six or seven. If you get seven of these offices to do this, if you prosecute these kids instead of ACORN, the Maryland AG is going to have a fecal storm come down on him that he is not going to believe.

O'REILLY: No, that's right. I mean, it will be tens of thousands of people demonstrating in Maryland, that's for sure.

And talking about demonstrating, in D.C. over the weekend, as you know, there was, 75,000 showed up. They called it a fiscal conservative rally. There was some anti-Obama stuff in it. We covered it, I think, pretty fairly. What's your impression of it?

MILLER: Well, listen, the Nazi stuff has got to stop on both sides. Unless somebody has systematically liquidated six million of their fellow human beings, you got to quit tossing the Nazi thing around, because both sides are going to use it to make the other side look like lunatics. And you know, there's some bad signs there. But I don't know. God, I watched these G-7 summits. There's kids throwing people through the window. There's always a few bad eggs at these. By and large when I look at these people, you know who they remind me of? Me. I'm a square. I look at most of them, I think, "Yes, I can understand siding with you." They look like squares to me, and I feel like a square, at least fiscally, too. Certain things, defending the country. There are other things I'm a libertarian about. But Bill, the simple fact is, if 80 to 85 percent of this country likes their health care — if you asked 80 to 85 percent in this country if they liked themselves, they wouldn't say no. To think that 80 to 85 percent like their health care, and they're not going to try to fix the 15, but rather try to fix the 85, it's just mindless. Everything the government touches goes wrong. I don't want them anywhere near it. I'm not paranoid. I've just seen a long track record of ineptitude. Stay away from the money.

O'REILLY: All right. Well, I think that the protests are from people who are genuinely fearful of the direction the country is going in. Now here's the question. Are you fearful, Miller, of the country, or are, you know, people whipping up the fear in a way that's irrational? Are you, Dennis Miller, fearful of the direction of the country?

MILLER: I'd have to say that, when I hear there's a group who consider themselves to be patriotic taking photos of interrogators at Guantanamo Bay to turn them over to the enemy...

O'REILLY: John Adams Project.

MILLER: ... yes, I'd have to say part of me is fearful to this country.


MILLER: That's crazy.

O'REILLY: It is, and Holder better get on that.

OK, Kanye West, do you know him? Have you ever met Kanye West?

MILLER: No, I haven't. I've met that type. You know, the type that's raised in this generation and thinks that their — the world — the world revolves around them. You know, you see a lot of kids like that nowadays. But I'll try to sneak my answers in here in between his apologies, but he knows it's hit the fan. And he can only be thankful that it's hit the fan in this generation, where, you know, a guy like him can rise to the top because it's the diminished expectations of an off-the-rack culture. What he said, if he was any more low rent, he would have been a Spring Break destination. That was a horrible thing to do. She's a 17-year-old kid in the moment of her life, and he plays the bully part there. And you know what? In the old days he would have been shamed. We would have — we would have, you know, shunned him, put him on a list or something, where you're shunned from the pack. We don't do that anymore. So I guess he can feel bad if he really feels bad. But this guy has done this before. He ought to start buying some pre-emptive apologies, like carbon credits or papal indulgences, before he goes up a red carpet, because it seems like this is his MO. He's pretty insecure. I guess we can all say, yes, we've heard the apology. But listen, just zip it for a while. Everybody's tired of it. It's boring. Even you must know at this point you've gone too far.

O'REILLY: We have something else to say about Mr. West in the "Pinheads & Patriots" deal.

Dennis Miller, everybody. Check him out in Chicago on Thursday. He's doing a good thing.

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