Denis Leary, The Sopranos, Bill Clinton and Madonna are in the Foxlight.

Denis Leary has a modest proposal for how his show, The Job, can get better ratings against The West Wing, which airs opposite it on Wednesdays. Leary jokes he'll "take Aaron Sorkin hostage for about six weeks." He says "let's see Martin Sheen write that show." Leary predicts "that's when the ratings will really change."

Tony Soprano may have powerful friends — but a former president? The New York Post says Sopranos cast members recently hung out with Bill Clinton. He met them at a bar, raved about the show, and they reportedly invited him to the set. How about a cameo for Bill? He'd make a great regular at the Bada Bing Club.

Madonna wants a rewrite. She loves the London play she's agreed to star in — except the ending. Whatever Madonna wants, Madonna gets, so there's a new ending in the works. Will it be a happy ending? Not the play — her marriage.