Democrats With Egg on Their Face

So did the Minnesota Dems make a mistake by letting the Paul Wellstone memorial morph into a political rally?

We'll see come Election Day. If Minnesota voters reject Walter Mondale, you might assume the crass display of hypocrisy last night undercut some of his natural support.

But you have to wonder what the Clintons, Al Gore, Terry McAuliffe and the national Democrats think about being captured on videotape grinning ear-to-ear and applauding as if the event was a victory celebration.

Let me get this straight. Were they happy that Wellstone died, or were they devastated? I must say it was difficult to tell at times.

Poor old Norm Coleman, the Republican candidate, may lose the race. He'd been neck-and-neck with Wellstone at times during the campaign. Can he now overcome this memorial-turned-rally, one that's likely to infuse Wellstone supporters with an electrifying sense of purpose and feeling that they owe the late senator a trip to the polls next Tuesday?

Who knows what the senator would have wanted. Maybe his son is right that the late senator would have wanted his children on stage with a mike screeching, "Win, win, win".

No disrespect to the late senator, but it seems to me this was all a big bait-and-switch. Tell poor, old, hapless Norm that it's unseemly for him to campaign until after the memorial, then stage a memorial that looks remarkably like a nominating convention and then tell old Norm, "Okay. Top that."

What I really want to know is whether the Democrats who were there last night even notice the black eye they are sporting this morning?

That's My Word.

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