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Fightin' Feingold

He has a reputation for being one of the most liberal senators in the entire country, but nonetheless it appears that even Russ Feingold is turning on President Obama and his "czars."

At a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday, Feingold criticized the administration for skirting the Senate confirmation process and installing a number of high-level "czars" within the White House. He also slammed the president for refusing to send somebody to testify before his committee.


SEN. RUSS FEINGOLD, D-WIS.: The White House has decided not to accept my invitation to send a witness to this hearing to explain its position on the constitutional issues we will address today. I think that's unfortunate. So it's also a bit ironic since one of the concerns that's been raised about these officials is that they will somehow thwart congressional oversight of the executive branch.


You know things are getting bad for Barack Obama when even Russ Feingold is out to get him.

Read My Lips...

San Francisco Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a shocking statement in her interview Monday with PBS' Charlie Rose. From soft drinks to cigarettes, it seems that the Democrats are always looking for new ways to tax you, the American people. And Speaker Pelosi gave us no reason to doubt.


CHARLIE ROSE, PBS ANCHOR: Does a value-added tax have any appeal to you?

NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: I would say put everything on the table and subject it to the scrutiny that it deserves.

But in the scheme of things, I think it's fair to look at a value-added tax as well.


A value-added tax would tax manufacturers at every stage of production based on how much additional value they add to a product. Speaker Pelosi says we should consider this tax because it will make us more competitive with international companies.

Right, I understand. Because nothing motivates you, the American people, to produce like a big fat tax increase. That motivates me.

Hardly Working

I don't think raising taxes is going to win Nancy Pelosi many friends across America, and she needs the help considering she's already lagging in that category.

According to a brand new Gallup Poll, Congress' approval rating has plummeted all the way down to 21 percent. That is a 10-point drop in just one month.

And for Democrats in particular, the news is even worse. The party's poll numbers have dropped 18 points since September.


One of the reasons for this freefall could be the light work schedule the Democrats have put both Houses of Congress on. Politico reports that the House's week generally doesn't begin until late Tuesday, and they call it quits usually before the sun goes down on Thursday.

That's a schedule that I think all Americans could get used to, with good benefits.

Off to Iowa

Our "Are We There Yet" segment is brought to you by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. After quietly assembling a group of heavy-hitting strategists, donors and media consultants, the governor is now set to headline a major Republican event in Iowa. The event called Leadership for Iowa will take place on November 7, and it's the Iowa Republican Party's biggest fall event.

This seems like yet another indication that Republicans are off and running and getting ready to challenge President Obama in 2012.

Restroom Request

One Japanese airline is getting creative in its fight against climate change. According to the Daily Mail newspaper, All Nippon Airways is asking passengers to use the bathroom before boarding their flights! They argue that if passengers empty their bladders before flying, they will weigh less, causing the plane to emit less carbon emissions.

Wow, just when you thought you'd heard it all!

I have to go to the bathroom.

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