Democrats Should Steer Clear of Left-Wing Cliff

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The Democrats —especially the very liberal Democrats —probably think they should not listen to advice from the likes of me, but since I was a Democrat long ago and far away, I think I have a right to sling a little unsolicited advice.

You hear folks like Bruce Reid from the Democratic Leadership Council (search) practically begging the party not to veer left, or put another way not to drive over the cliff.

We all know that the true believers drive both parties, the true right and the true left. But it's the great pile in the middle that actually elects presidents, and they are not extreme in either direction.

The Democrats should take note, and nominate accordingly.

Why should I care since I'm essentially an old liberal who turned into an older conservative?

Believe it or not, I want to see a good race and a clash of good ideas in this next election.

I don't want to see another Walter Mondale (search) driving off another left-wing cliff. I don't want to see another Michael Dukakis (search) bamboozling his own party into a dopey campaign.

I don't want to see the Dems nominate someone who is so out of it he thinks Americans are deep down in their heart of hearts socialists.

That kind of stuff plays well in the quaint towns around college campuses, but not out in the great expanse of America, and it just ensures an ignominious defeat.

Think the "C" word, Democrats. It's center.

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