Democrats Plan Astroturf Movement

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Hypocrisy Hill

After weeks of accusing town hall attendees of being an Astroturf movement, Democrats are now planning to do a little bit of organizing themselves. Beginning this week, the Democratic National Committee is hosting over 1,000 rallies in cities all across the country to promote government-run health care.

And get this: reports that a special interest group known as Health Care for America now will be helping to promote these phony town hall events!

Hey, Nancy Pelosi, does that sound like Astroturf to you?

On the Attack Again

David Letterman is at it again. Monday night on the "Late Show," he once again targeted former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin:


DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: The Miss Universe pageant is fascinating. It's judged by — on the poise, you have to have poise. Judged on beauty and also how you walk in high heels. What a coincidence. It's also how the Republicans pick a vice presidential candidate.


The same criteria.


That joke comes only a few short months after Letterman was nearly ousted from his job for viciously attacking Governor Palin's daughter on his show. He eventually apologized for making the controversial joke thanks to pressure from the public and others.

I guess some people will never learn.

Out of the Woodwork

Another Obama mentor is coming out of the woodwork. This time it's Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree, who is vocally praising a lawyer who made a career defending left-wing radicals.

That lawyer is the late Doris Brin Walker, who passed away over the weekend. She gained notoriety defending left-wing activist Angela Davis in 1972. Davis, a devout communist at a time, faced the death penalty when a gun registered in her name was linked to the murder of a judge and his three kidnappers.

Professor Ogletree praised Brin's actions, telling The Los Angeles Times, "She was way ahead of her time... She was a living example of the wonderful, critical and timely contribution of women to the legal profession."

How lovely.

What can I say? Radical connections keep leading back to the president.

Monkey Trial Replay?

If the Chamber of Commerce has any say in it, we may be in for another Scopes Monkey Trial.

That 1925 event put the theory of evolution on trial in the state of Tennessee and instituted a law making it illegal to deny creationism. Prosecutor William Jennings Bryan and defense attorney Clarence Darrow faced off in the famous trial. The court ruled that it was, in fact, illegal to deny the theory of creation by teaching evolution in schools.

Now the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents 3 million businesses, wants to put the theory of global warming on trial, and if it's disproved, it would ward off potentially crippling environmental regulation.

A senior vice president at the Chamber said, "It would evolution versus creationism. It would be the science of climate change on trial."

Sounds good to me! I wonder if Al Gore is free to represent the defense — if he's not flying around on his private jet.

Reading for Pleasure

The White House announced what the president will be reading while he's on vacation. His choices include Thomas L. Friedman's "Hot, Flat and Crowded," Richard Price's "Lush Life" and Kent Haruf's "Plainsong."

That's a lovely list, but isn't there something a bit more pressing he should be devoting his attention to? Like the 1,818-page health care bill?

Mr. President, I think you owe the country a thorough reading of that bill before moving onto those lighter topics.

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