Democrats Nix Term 'Global War on Terror'

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Adios GWOT. And as far as Democrats are concerned it is evidently good riddance to be finally done with GWOT.

What is GWOT? It is military speak for the global War on Terror. And it has been used to describe what we are doing in the far corners of the globe — until now.

Now that the Democrats have taken control of the Congress they are tossing GWOT out. There is a war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan, maybe a war in the Horn of Africa, but the global War on Terror, and it's shortened sibling, GWOT, is now officially banned.

The death sentence for GWOT came in a memo dated March 27 from the chief Democrat staffer of the House Committee on Armed Services. The memo is a style guide for staffers writing legislation which members sign but never read. So instructions on language are considered important enough for a "do this and don't do that" memo.

The memo contains this paragraph: "Please avoid using colloquialisms such as 'the war on terrorism,' or 'Long War.' Please do not use the term 'global war on terrorism.'"

Dems in, GWOT out.

Republican House leader John Boehner said: "How do Democrats expect America to fight and win a war they deny is even taking place?"

That caused the Committee Chairman Ike Skelton, a Democrat of course, to issue a response: "The Iraq War is separate and distinct from the war against terrorists, who have their genesis in Afghanistan and who attacked us on 9/11. Americans understand this."

What I understand is that Democrats are determined to try to make Iraq something quite apart from every other threat facing us. That is so they can blame terrorists for everything but Iraq and Republicans for Iraq. They want conservatives and Republicans to be buried in Iraq. It is against their interests to have things go well there and to eliminate Iraq as a source of terror.

So GWOT is a goner. GWOT is passé. GWOT is forbidden language. GWOT is just another way of saying Bush was right, and we'll have none of that around here now.

As Nancy Pelosi said, there's a new Congress in town, Mr. President, and GWOT is not spoken here.

That's My Word.

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