Democrats Need to Listen to America

Before Democrats start redecorating the oval office, they might want to listen up.

Your smooth waltz to the White House just hit a bump. Because your central theme just hit an even bigger bump.

In scores of ballot initiatives voted on yesterday across the country, Americans —pretty much across the country— said no to more taxes and more government.

In Oregon, no to a new cigarette tax.

In New Jersey, no to an extension for stem cell funding.

Different issues. Different causes. But this common theme: more taxpayer funding.

And taxpayers said, "We ain't funding."

Think about that. Taxpayers of all stripes are just saying no to tapping their wallets to un-tap new government initiatives.

Rich ones, poor ones, in-between ones.

No new taxes.

I don't think Americans much distinguish who's paying those taxes. Just that they don't want them now, which could prove a big issue a year from now.

So before you pick out the curtains in the Oval Office, I'm here to say it could be curtains for your plans to get into that Oval Office.

Unless, you redecorate your strategy and fashion it to something Americans want and not what you think they want.

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