Democrats May Be Thanking Bush for Dissing Them

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It's gotten to be such humdrum news that we hardly even bother to report it most days, but a day hardly passes without a new poll that shows that the Democrat Congress scores a lower approval rating that even George W. Bush, the president who is consistently brought low by the war in Iraq.

You would think this would be hard to do, but posturing, stalling, failing and blaming do take their toll on the Democrat Congress. And do you think maybe the American public notices that the Congress dances to the tune of George Soros and a ragtag mob of certifiable nuts?

Today, to the delight of many, the president called the Democrats on just that point.

Click here to watch what Bush said.

You would think that quote might carry a bit of sting for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel. But actually, the sad part is they probably thank him for it because they are so afraid of bloggers and Code Pink protesters.

In a way, the president gave the Dems some cover with the people they most fear. At least he publicly credited them with bowing and scraping before the far, far left. That should keep the far, far left off their back for a little bit, even though the Dems in Congress have failed at every single errand the far, far left has sent them off to do: war hasn't ended; Bush isn't being impeached; Cheney is still in office.

By the way, they were laughing at them last night by releasing the Halloween pictures of Bush's dog dressed as Darth Vader. They always think of Cheney as Darth Vader, and he's not supposed to be able to take a joke.

That's My Word.

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