Democratic Fundraiser Norman Hsu Held Without Bail in California

Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu was ordered held without bail on Friday, a day after being returned from Colorado on an outstanding warrant for his arrest in a grand theft case.

His attorney planned to ask for the return of the $2 million bail he posted earlier this month after turning himself in following more than 15 years on the lam. Prosecutors oppose the request, saying they believe that money was stolen and should ultimately be returned to victims.

Hsu, who also faces criminal charges in New York, arrived in California on Thursday after he was released by authorities in Mesa, Colo. He landed at San Francisco International Airport in the custody of state investigators, and a caravan of law enforcement vehicles whisked him away.

Hsu, 56, has been wanted in California since 1992, when he pleaded no contest to theft charges related to a fraudulent clothing import business, then skipped town before he could be sentenced. Investigators believe he fled to Hong Kong.

His troubles began dogging big name Democrats, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, this summer when news reports revealed he was a fugitive from justice.