Delaware Teen Charged in Theft of Car with Baby Inside

Wilmington, Del., police say they have charged a 17-year-old from New Castle with stealing a car with a 5-month-old boy inside from a Wilmington gas station.

Master Sgt. Steven Barnes says the teen, who was not identified, is charged with first-degree carjacking and second-degree kidnapping. Court records show it is the second time in two months the teen has been arrested for stealing a car at the same location.

The baby's mother told police she left her son in the unlocked car with its engine running while she shopped in the station's minimart. When she came out, Tiffany Righter says as the teen took off, she pounded on the windshield and yelled that her son, Zion, was inside, but he ignored her.

Wilmington police say they found the car with the baby inside, still asleep and unharmed.