Deformed Baby Denied Treatment In New Zealand Heads Home After Surgery in U.S.

A deformed Samoan baby, who was initially banned from entering New Zealand nine months ago, is going home after receiving life-saving treatment in the U.S.; it is being reported by

Miracletina Julie Nanai, nicknamed Miracle, was born with extreme deformities, especially around the face, and doctors did not expect her to survive, according to the Web site.

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Miracle underwent reconstructive surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital and chief of plastic surgery S. Anthony Wolfe said she could live a “long, long” time.

Miracle was born in Falelatai, near Apia, to Sefulu and Mikaele Nanai, who secretly fed her, even after doctors said she would probably die.

The baby was going to be treated at Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, after the hospital raised $100,000 for her care, but the country’s former head of immigration refused Miracle’s visa, saying treatment “would not benefit (the child’s) quality of life.”

“All of this work has been worth every second,” said family spokeswoman Ta’oa Kristin Taylor. “To learn to live your faith to the point of exhaustion, in the face of criticism, in the depth of financial need and when all is seemingly hopeless ... is a gift few will realize unless they believe in 'Miracles'."

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