Defense: Moussaoui Needs More Time to Speak With His Mother

Lawyers for Zacarias Moussaoui complained Thursday that the FBI is preventing the accused Sept. 11 conspirator from receiving regular telephone calls from his mother in France.

After a telephone conversation between Aisha El Wafi and her son Sept. 27, the FBI decided that she can only have future conversations from the bureau's legal office in Paris, the lawyers said. El Wafi, who requested a conversation every other week, would have to travel 500 miles from her home in Narbonne to Paris, the court motion said.

"It appears that the FBI is unable to reach an acceptable resolution such that Ms. El Wafi can have regular contact with her son under reasonable conditions," the lawyers said in a pleading submitted to U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema.

The motion also said that El Wafi plans to visit Moussaoui the week of Oct. 28, and the FBI only will allow her to meet with him two or three times, in hourlong visits. The motion asked for additional time.

Moussaoui is representing himself against charges that he conspired to commit terrorism and hijack airplanes, but the court-appointed attorneys have remained in the case to help with legal issues.