Deer Breaks Into Indiana Home

A 150-pound buck crashed through a window of Jennings County home, splattering its blood through much of the interior.

A truck driver on Wednesday called police after he saw the deer jump into the home along Indiana 7 after it passed in front of him.

City police Sgt. Michael Piirto followed the blood trail through the house about 50 miles south of Indianapolis and found the injured deer lying on a bed.

"When he saw me, he got scared and ran into the bathroom," Piirto said.

Homeowners Danny and Susie Graham were notified and arrived to find the deer still inside their bathroom.

"He was thrashing around and had even turned on the water faucet," Danny Graham said. "I was about ready to go in there and wrestle him out myself when Animal Control got there."

Jennings County Animal Control workers dragged the deer outside and euthanized it.

"It would have never survived," Piirto said. "It had numerous lacerations all over its body."

Susie Graham said it was a blessing nobody was home when the deer entered.

"My grandson plays in the room he came in," she said.

Danny Graham said the deer left a great deal of damage behind.

"We are going to have to replace five rooms of carpet, the front window and repaint most of the walls," he said.