Death Threats for UFC Student Who Smuggled ‘Body of Christ’

A UCF student claims his life—and afterlife—were threatened by enraged Catholics after he pocketed “The Body of Christ” during a church ceremony, according to reports from WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando.

Webster Cook says he received death threats and eternal damnation after he removed a holy wafer of bread from his mouth during communion and smuggled it from the church in a Ziploc bag, according to WOFL FOX 35.

Though Cook returned the Eucharist one week after the theft, outraged Catholics worldwide are unforgiving, according to

“We don’t know 100 percent what Mr. Cooks motivation was,” Susan Fani, a spokesperson with the local Catholic diocese, told WOFL FOX 35. “However, if anything were to qualify as a hate crime, to us this seems like this might be it.”

The University of Central Florida student senator said he stole the wafer, known as the Eucharist and believed by Catholics to symbolize the body of Christ, to show to his non-Catholic friend.

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