Deadline Delay: Necessary, or Needless?

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The United States and Britain were forced to delay a Security Council vote on a hard deadline for Iraq when it became clear their proposed resolution would meet with insufficient support from non-permanent members and at least one veto -- despite a flurry of personal appeals from President Bush on Monday.

The United States had hoped to present the resolution to the council on Tuesday, setting a March 17 deadline for Iraqi disarmament or war. But the vote was put on hold when it became evident that America and its allies had not yet won the nine votes they needed for a majority.

Even if they gain the votes, it's not enough. French President Jacques Chirac declared that his country would veto any resolution that opened the way to war. The Russians also said they would vote against the proposal as it was currently worded.

Reacting to staunch opposition, both the United States and Britain said they were willing to negotiate the deadline and other changes to the resolution.

Deadline delay: necessary, or needless?

A sample of your responses:

Any further delay will make it even more difficult for our armed forces.
Hanna Z.
Budapest, Hungary

I think the delay will be perfect... I think it should be delayed, and the attack should begin on March 23rd....pre-empting the self-gratification gathering of the Ego Maniacal Hollyweird elite would be poetic justice...let them spew venom all they want....

More time?  Come one!  The lines in the sand in the western desert looks like a railroad track. The U.N. isn't looking out for the safety & security of the world or the the U.S.  They are only looking out for each individual special interest. The United States already has authorization for force and doesn't need the UN. After 12 yrs., 17 resulutions, railroad track lines in the sand, its time to act and think about our toops who are going to suffer more for each delay.
Lynn C.
Chateaugay, NY

I would have  to guess the delay is very neccessary... even if for our own sneaky purposes. A full moon is scheduled for March 18... leaving us illuminated in the skies. The long range weather forecast from calls for an above average warm for the 16th ... cooling shortly after that ...but not much cloud cover...leaving that  bright moon. Our guys arent dummies,...they are just taking all necessary precautions. They just arent telling us that!!!

The UN is like a dead horse.  And we have a saying in Texas... Don't beat a dead horse! We're not gping to get the majority we need, and if we do France will Veto.  We are going in anyway - so let's get going!

No need for delay. France and others want more inspectors and inspections so let us send in OUR team. We've got over 250,000 inspectors and "specialized" equipment so "LET'S ROLL!"
Saddam! Beware the ides of March!
Wayne M.
Belmont, MI

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