Dead Men Tell Tales

If you can bury bodies, who says it's such a stretch to bury weapons? I began asking myself that question upon hearing, yet again, that they've uncovered still more mass graves in Iraq.

This past weekend, 72 bodies recovered from a shallow mass grave 13 miles northwest of Najaf. It appears some of the victims were lined up and shot. That's all we know.

Here's what we also know. There are other graves. Marines have uncovered several mounds of dirt throughout the area. Local residents were told only a few months ago to avoid these high security areas. Now we know why.

It follows a consistent and numbing pattern. Bodies found in old schools. Under a Red Cross hospital. In dilapidated shacks. Bodies hidden then are being unearthed now.

Bodies the government insisted weren't there. Just like it said chemical weapons weren't there.

Do you really think that a government that had no problem hiding bodies, somehow had a problem hiding weapons?

They were pretty good at hiding those bodies. I suspect they were pretty good at hiding those weapons.

The only difference is they didn't have much time to bury those bodies. Some looked like they had been shot only weeks ago. So Saddam had to move fast and he got sloppy. He had more time with the weapons.

Yet here's what kills me. So much of the world feigns shock at not having found the weapons. But doesn't say boo about very much finding the bodies. I guess dead bodies are OK. Un-recovered weapons are not.

Here's what I have to say to France and Germany, remind me again of your priorities. Then look in those graves. What did those people know? What did they see?

They say dead men tell no tales. I disagree. The fact they are dead, by the hundreds, maybe by the thousands, tell me they tell lots of tales. About a government willing to hide them. And god knows what else.

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