'Dead' Israeli Man Comes Back to Life, Shocking Police

An 84-year-old Israeli man who had been pronounced dead by paramedics shocked emergency personnel and police officers Wednesday when he came back to life.

An ambulance crew was responding to a distress call when they found the man in his Ramat Gan home apparently not breathing, according to Haaretz.com.

The crew, unable to resuscitate the man or find his pulse, called for a coroner and doctor who declared him dead and signed a death certificate, Haaretz.com reported.

But as investigators began searching the man's apartment for evidence that might indicate his cause of death, one officer noted, "the corpse is moving his hand," the Web site reported.

The man, who regained consciousness, was then hooked up to a respirator and sent to Sheba Medical Center.

There was no indication of his condition.

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