David Lynch, Spy Game, John Cusack and No Man's Land are in the The Foxlight.

It baffled me on the big screen, but maybe on video I can pause Mulholland Drive enough to understand David Lynch's Hollyweird salute. It's his most coherent movie in years, but that's not saying much. Maybe the offbeat director explains it all on the DVD. Nah — that would mean he'd have to understand it.

One of the most overlooked films of last year had Robert Redford making up for The Last Castle and Brad Pitt making up for The Mexican. Wait, that's not possible. Anyway, both starred in Spy Game. Redford is an old CIA pro and mentor to loose cannon Pitt. It's great fun under the direction of Tony Scott, Ridley's inferiority-complexed brother.

If you don't think John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale will end up together in a movie called Serendipity, then the VCR police need to take your television away. John, listen to your fans: stay edgy. All will be forgiven.

Finally, Oscar didn't elude this great foreign film winner, No Man's Land. It is about a Serb and Bosnian meeting in a fox hole. It may sound like the beginning of a joke, and it is in a way — a brilliant one. This is the ultimate Catch 22 that everyone should catch.