David Copperfield; LOTR Trailer; Miss America

David Copperfield (search) reappears, LOTR trailer debuts and Americans skip Miss America in today's Foxlight.

Whatever happened to David Copperfield? I thought he disappeared. Sorry. The last time I saw him was at the opening of Britney Spears' New York restaurant, and I thought his career was suffering the same fate. (The restaurant closed.)

But guess what? Copperfield can still make some pretty big names appear for a birthday party. Nicole Kidman dropped by along with Carson Daly and Jamie Kennedy. OK, but Nicole is a big name.

If you missed "Secondhand Lions" last weekend, you may want to catch it this weekend -- not for the movie but for the trailer that precedes it. It may do even more business in its second week, because New Line has decided to debut the new Lord of the Rings (search) trailer before it. Something tells me 'Rings' fans won't be staying past the opening credits unless they think Gollum is going to attack and devour Haley Joel Osment.

Finally, there she isn't. The latest Miss America pageant (search) drew 10.3 million viewers -- an all-time low. Foxlight suggests Jell-O wrestling for the finalists next year. Just a thought.