David Beckham: Impact Player or Fad That Will Fade?

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It felt like "FOX & Friends" circa 2002 today as Usama bin Laden, Hamid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf have inserted themselves back into the headlines and the free world prepares to thwart the next terror wave.

What's different these days?

Well, financially we don't shake in the corner — in fact the stock market soared last week despite the "gut feeling" of certain terror officials and our deficit has been cut in half in just two and half years. Bin Laden popped up on video and barely a ripple this is exactly what the great Scott Bleier talked about in his two financial segments on the show.

It was nice to welcome back the well-dressed Mike Straka whom I completely disagree with when it comes to David Beckham's impact on U.S. soccer. Mike says his impact will fade; I say he sells out wherever he goes and begins the onslaught on international superstars into Major League Soccer. Although I do have "Posh fatigue" already, but in their defense they have to find themselves a place at the Emmys, ESPYs and People's Choice Awards for the game to grow. He has to be better and bigger then just an assist-centric midfielder; Becks has to be a force in sports and entertainment. Judging by your e-mails, most of you agree with Straka and think he will not have lasting impact for U.S. soccer. Too bad — in this case I know I am right.

We closed the show with a moving interview talking about Gold Star Moms and the needs of the families who have lost a loved one in war. Ursula Pirtle told us the story of her life since the death of her husband while she was eight months pregnant. Turns out there is a major gap in our military for those families looking to rebuild their lives emotionally after the death of a father, son or mom. Where is the bereavement counseling? Who is playing catch with the sons and daughters of those slain in battle? Well, the answer is not enough and Fort Hood has sprung into action with the launch of HUGGS an acronym for Helping Unite Gold Star Survivors. They would like to get these kids and these spouses into programs were they can talk with each other and professionals and get the counseling they need.

For more information and to help just go to www.goldstarfamilysupport.org


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