Daughter of Radical Muslim Cleric Exposed as Pole Dancer

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The 27-year-old daughter of radical Islamic cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed has admitted to pole dancing in London bars in defiance of her family's strict Muslim beliefs, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

Yasmin Fostok left Bakri’s home four years ago because she did not share her father’s opinions.

"I don't get on with my dad. I don't agree with his views,” Fostok told the Daily Mail. “I just get on with my life and that is it.”

She currently lives with her 3-year-old son in South East London, whom she had with her ex-husband after their arranged marriage.

Fostok performs a fire-eating routine and performs semi-naked inside cages.

“If this is true I am deeply shocked,” Bakri told the Mail from Lebanon, where he has lived since being exiled from England three years ago. “She was brought up properly in the Muslim faith but she is free to make her own choices in life. But I am still shocked.”

“If she has done these things she will be judged on Judgment Day. But God will forgive her anything except becoming a non-Muslim.”

Bakri sparked controversy when he praised the 9/11 terrorists and said he would “never condemn Usama bin Laden or any Muslims.”

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