Daniel Pearl and the First Amendment

Everyone is talking about the unthinkable: the video of the decapitation of Daniel Pearl on the Internet.

I will spare you the graphic details out of a sense of old-fashioned decency to you and to his family and friends. The question is not: should it appear on the Internet? It should not. There are limits and this is one.

The question is: Will all the Internet providers do to make sure it does not?

I do not believe they are powerless to keep it off the Internet. They have lots of technology. I'm confident they can figure out some way to eliminate the tape, should it be dumped onto the Internet. It would be deplorable if Internet providers instead plead the First Amendment and allow this cold-blooded murder to be shown around the world upon demand.

I'm a big fan of the First Amendment.

I make my living under the protection of the First Amendment.

But it's not absolute. Just because you have a right, doesn't mean you exercise it.

Internet providers should be taking steps right now to make sure it doesn't happen.

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