Dangerous Baseball Fans Strike Out

What about the nut jobs at Comiskey Park?

These are the two knuckle draggers who thought they saw a first base coach flipping them off. (He was undoubtedly flashing signs to somebody in uniform.) So what did they do? They charged the field to whomp on him.

This was a father-son act — or more accurately — a cell division of some kind of single cell organism in jeans and tattoos.

The father, a 34-year-old with a 15-year-old-son, says the guy got what he deserved.

The father also had a knife, with a flip blade that at one point came open and was captured in an Associated Press photo.

Baseball has to figure out a way to keep idiots like this out of the stadium. Obviously, sky-high ticket prices don't do the job.

Just think... now when you go to the ballpark, you have to wonder if the loudmouth sitting next to you got through security with his knife, or his gun.

That's the part baseball doesn't want to think about.

Actually... baseball is probably wishing for the good old days when the goofballs charging the field were naked and just wanted to be on national TV.

So what to do with morons like this?

If I were a judge in Chicago, I'd be begging for this case.

Somebody there has to step up and impose a sentence — a long and arduous sentence of years and years, a sentence that dares an appellate court to throw it out.

You never know. The appellate judges could be baseball fans, and they just could let it stand.

That's My Word.

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