Daddy Day Care, Only the Strong Survive, The Shape of Things

Daddy Day Care, Only the Strong Survive and The Shape of Things in The Foxlight.

Eddie Murphy needs a hit. So who's he gonna call? No one that had anything to do with Pluto Nash. He's back in the kind of PG fare that faired well for him in Dr. Dolittle. This time's it's called Daddy Day Care. Eddie's requisite wisecracking white guy sidekick is Curb Your Enthusiam's Jeff Garlin. They open a day care center in case the title was a little obscure for you. Hilarity ensues. And this looks like a hit, no matter what critics say.

Next, in limited release a Rythym and Blues 'Whatever Happened To' called Only the Strong Survive. The documentary from the legendary D.A. Pennebaker is a nostalgic trip back with music legends like Mary Wilson, Wilson Pickett and Sam Moore. Audience members told The Foxlight at the film's premiere that they were smiling ear to ear through the whole film.

Finally Neil LaBute's powerful and painful The Shape of Things is also out in limited release. Most of the actors who brought the play version to New York are back in the film. The story seems friendly enough at first, but then -- surprise -- turns dark and ugly. What else do you want from the man who brought us In the Company Of Men and Your Friends & Neighbors. All I can tell you is beware if you're girlfriend suggests a makeover.