D.C. Sniper May Be Al Qaeda

FNC political analyst Bill Kristol says that "the idea that the [Beltway] sniper is a deranged white guy is becoming harder and harder to sustain."

What Kristol is referring to when he says this is the theory that the sniper team is part of a terror cell, off on a highly successful two-week terror spree, threatening to immobilize the bedroom communities around the nation's capitol.

Now... Kristol doesn't know for sure, and neither do I, but I do tend to agree with him that the sniper story is starting to insist that we apply the duck test... quacks like, waddles like, therefore is a duck.

The duck here is the Al Qaeda war against us: attacks in Kuwait, Yemen, Bali. We're supposed to believe these sniper murders in the D.C. area are just coincidental? Just the usual nut job serial killer we have come to expect?

It may turn out to be just that — a white guy, a nut job, mad at the world — but I don't like the coincidence. The worldwide attacks, the need for Iraq to remind Americans that Al Qaeda is their enemy, not Iraq... the need of Al Qaeda to do something to show they are not out of business...

I repeat: I don't know anymore than anybody else, and a lot less than the investigators, but we're talking about our individual suspicions here, and i think the suspicion that this is Usama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein at work through a two-person cell is a good, solid and sensible hunch

I hope the investigators are shaking the trees really hard to see if this could possible be true.

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