Cutting Through the Spin

Some of you seem to be confused about the job of a show host or interviewer.

Somehow you've got it into your heads that a host or interviewer — let's say me — must dismember the guest to be doing the job right.

This comes up when someone comes on the program and goes into full spin, sometimes spinning into outright lies, and — as it often happens — when that spinning piles on itself in deep almost impenetrable layers.

Sometimes the layers of spin are so thick it's really impossible to attack every single one of them. You have to let some go, in order to take on the ones you think are really important.

After all, some people can fire off the disingenuous statements so fast if you wanted to knock down each one you'd be interrupting the guest every three words. When it comes to people of a certain stature, you just can't do that.

Instead we are counting on you the audience to join with me in seeing through their prevarications.

Sometimes people of a certain stature are allowed to spin themselves into a swamp, where I hope we can all watch them sink of the weight of their own — I hate to say lies — but you see what's really going on, don't you?

As for those of you who demand I ask your question and skip my questions, please work your telepathic skills just a little harder. You might get through.

That's My Word.

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