A 40-foot pine tree fell in a state park, killing a 7-year-old Cub scout (search) and injuring his father and another boy while they slept in tents during a father-son weekend.

Owen R. Lentz, a first-grader from Camp Hill, was killed when the tree fell early Sunday, Pine Grove Furnace State Park (search) manager Kenneth J. Boyles said.

Boyles said the accident was "against all odds." The weather was calm, but the tree was diseased, he said.

Owen's father, Lee Lentz, who was asleep in the same tent, was struck on the head. He was treated at Carlisle Medical Center (search) and released.

Another scout in a tent next to the Lentzes, Christopher Carey, suffered a broken pelvis. He was in satisfactory condition at the medical center on Monday, a spokeswoman said.

The scouts were part of a group of 11 from Camp Hill on a father-son weekend outing at the park in central Pennsylvania.

Owen was a model student and a friend to other students at Schaeffer Elementary, said Kelly Collingsworth, his teacher. "He was a teacher's dream. He loved learning," she said.