CSI Team Visits Home of Missing Florida Toddler's Grandparents

Crime scene investigators from the Orange County Sheriff’s office went to the home of George and Cindy Anthony on Friday morning, the grandparents of missing toddler Caylee, exactly two weeks after they first investigated the home.

Two investigators pulled up to the Anthony home and a short time later, another car with two more investigators arrived. George Anthony arrived at the home at the same time and unlocked the door and let investigators inside.

Investigators went to the backyard and were inside a backyard shed, where missing 2-year-old Caylee Anthony had a play area.

Crime scene investigators took items from the shed and then left the home with two large brown bags.

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It is not clear what was removed from the backyard, but investigators say they must talk with George and Cindy Anthony before they release any new information on the case.

Investigators are expected to release their DNA results from items pulled from a car trunk driven by 22-year-old Casey Anthony, mother of missing 2-year-old Caylee.

Carlos Padilla, public information officer for the Orange County Sheriff's Department, said investigators think Casey is withholding information.

"Casey has the key to this and we still believe she knows more than what she is telling us," Padilla said during a Friday afternoon press conference.

He doesn't expect there to be any new information during the weekend.

On Thursday, Cindy, grandmother of the missing toddler, said she’s beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together and that ‘It’s making sense’.

Cindy, her husband George and their son Lee met with investigators with the FBI for more than six hours Wednesday.

After the meeting, Cindy insisted she’s close to finding her missing granddaughter. She said she believes her daughter’s story about a mystery babysitter named Zenaida who kidnapped Caylee, and Casey is trying to lead them to her, even if she’s being less than truthful.

She’s leading you to a place, but not telling you the exact location," she said. "Because she’s afraid if someone walks in, that something may happen to Caylee."

Investigators with the Orange County Sheriffs Office have yet to confirm the babysitter even exists and have yet to talk with anyone who has ever met her.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said detectives met Thursday afternoon and have no new information from the family, or anyone else, to lead them to the missing toddler.

Deputy Carlos Padilla said they are still actively searching for Caylee and treating this as a missing person’s case. But their frustration grows with each day.

"We still feel the key lies with Casey," said Padilla. "And if she would just open up and tell us where Caylee is, this could end quickly."

In other developments Thursday, Casey asked that the only visitors she be allowed are her mother, father and brother.

Casey Anthony is being held in jail on $500,000 bail. She's been charged with child neglect, making false statements and obstructing an investigation. Police say the 22-year-old mom lied and didn't report her daughter Caylee missing for more than a month.

Casey Anthony hasn't been charged with her daughter's disappearance; she told detectives that she left the toddler with a babysitter.

Casey’s lawyer Jose Baez said Thursday that he is not too fond of the way deputies are handling the case saying authorities are playing a game of ‘he said she said’.

"I’m not afraid of anything because I’m going to do anything to protect my client," Baez said. "That’s my job that’s my role in this process and no one seems to understand that. There’s no standing in the way, there’s no protecting, there’s no one in need of protection other than the things I’ve taken to do and that’s exactly what I’m going to do."

On Wednesday, a district court denied Baez’s motion to have his clients bond reduced. He went on to say that lawyers are drafting up paperwork for a Supreme Court appeal, but they haven't made a final decision as to whether or not they will move forward with it.

On Thursday the Orange County jail released another recording of a call Casey made to her brother Lee.

In the call, which is less then two minutes long the siblings refer to a ‘letter’ that Casey is working on.

Meanwhile the search for Caylee is getting more national attention. The cover story for the latest issue of People magazine features the missing 2-year-old.

The article highlights the investigation, interviews with Caylee's grandparents George and Cindy Anthony and numerous photos.

The issue went on sale at newsstands Thursday.

The state has about two more weeks to either file more serious charges before Casey will simply walk free. Under Florida law a person can’t be held for more than 33 days with out a more serious charge. Anthony was arrested on July 16th.

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