Cruz, Puffy and Jerry

Cruz, Puffy and Jerry in the bright glare of the Foxlight

It's official, Penelope Cruz wants to learn how to speak English. I guess she went to enough screenings of her work where audiences kept leaning forward and going, "Huh?"

According to one report, Cruz had dinner with the other Cruise, Tom, and Steven Spielberg. She asked them for the name of a speech coach. Here's hoping it's also an acting coach.

Puffy got the most attention at fashion week in Manhattan. Otherwise, it was mostly a bust, at least for star sightings at the usually star-studded week. Does the recession mean they have less money to spend? Not really, since designers usually give stuff to boldface names for free. Even Puffy's stuff looked kind of, well, tame. Hip-hop pinstripes?

Finally, an open letter to Jerry Seinfeld appeared in the New York Times "Arts and Leisure" section over the weekend. In it the author begged the man with nothing to come back with something anything. She says the rest of the Seinfeld cast has gone plop, including a dire prediction for Julia Louis-Dreyfus' new comedy. The plea says now that Jerry is a dad he has a lot more comedic gold to mine. "The baby, look at the baby." Come on Jerry, what do you think?