'Crutch Bandit' Suspect Arrested in Kansas City

FBI agents have arrested a suspect thought to be the "Crutch Bandit," who gained notoriety when surveillance video was circulated showing him robbing a New Mexico bank while hobbling on crutches.

Khoa C. Luong, 30, was arrested Tuesday near his home in north Kansas City, MyFOXKC reported. The FBI receiving several phone tips from witnesses, according to the report.

A surveillance video released by authorities showed the robber, clad in a ninja-style black mask and black clothing, brandishing and firing the pistol while leaning on crutches.

Loung is accused of firing several shots from a semi-automatic pistol while robbing a branch of the Bank of Albuquerque in mid-January, according to Albuquerque media reports. No one was injured during the hold-up.

FBI agents told MyFoxKC that the crutches were no prop: Luong's limp is real, caused by a childhood illness.

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