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We are in Miami again tonight because we have a busy day ahead of us here in Miami. If all goes as planned, tonight we will walk you through with our cameras either a crime scene or an accident scene aboard the cruise ship where honeymooner George Smith was last seen. I write accident scene or crime scene since we just don't know — yet — what it is. The FBI is doing an investigation and perhaps we will learn soon what the investigative team thinks.

The ship docked this morning and leaves tonight — so our window of opportunity to get our cameras on is rather small. The plan is to take our cameras in about an hour to the cruise ship — we are going to the disco on the ship, the casino, the hall where Jennifer Hagel Smith was found sleeping/unconscious, and then into the Smith cabin and onto the balcony.

Of course George Smith vanished July 5 and the scene inside the cabin has changed — cleaned and even rented to new cruise passengers. But there is value to going in and looking at it now to get a better idea of the environment. I always learn more by going to the scene. When I tried murder cases, I always went to the scene to look around and I always learned something.

It is also planned that on January 23 forensic expert Dr. Henry Lee, hired by Jennifer Hagel Smith, is going to the ship's cabin. While he would much prefer to have seen the cabin on the morning of July 5, he still thinks there is value in seeing the interior now. It will give him a better idea of what might have happened.

After we look at the cabin and the balcony, we hope to take our cameras to the spa. The spa is where Jennifer Hagel Smith was on July 5 when the cruise officials reported to her that they thought George was missing.

If I were the FBI, here are some key pieces of evidence I would want to review: pictures taken by the Turkish police on July 5, and the video from the security cameras. The still pics taken by the Turkish police might show if there was a struggle inside the cabin or any evidence of blood. I don't know if video security cameras pointed down the hall outside the Smith cabin, but perhaps there were security cameras in the elevator leading to their floor... or in the halls leading to the hall where there cabin was. This might help explain who went in and out of the Smith cabin — or who might have gone in and out. I would also like to review video from the casino and the disco where George and Jennifer were on the night of July 4 and into the early morning hours of the 5th. Who were they talking to? How intoxicated were they?

I would also want to talk separately to each of the four young men who were with George Smith on the 4th and into the early morning of the 5th. We know that there were voices coming from inside the Smith cabin at about 4:05 a.m. Speaking to the four young men separately is important for obvious reasons.

At this point I have no idea what happened, but I remain curious — very curious. I hope you watch tonight, I am anxious to get going and see the ship so this blog is being cut short today. And yes, expect to see some still pictures from today posted on Monday's blog.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi, Greta!
Just read today’s blog and I know why you’re going to Miami! Again, my sincere gratitude for the continued coverage of the Smith investigation! They are lovely people and so much deserve to find the truth! I can’t wait to see what you might uncover.
I know I’m a bit late with this but I had the opportunity to meet Thomas Kinkade and he was a humble, most inspiring individual! My other "mountaintop" experience was a few years ago when I attended a small group lecture with Dr. Henry Lee. Now, he is amazing! Also met E. D. Hill at a book signing in Greenwich. That, too, was a real treat! Maybe someday, I get you to sign my copy of "My Turn at the Bully Pulpit," which I just loved!
Keep up the outstanding work! You always give 200%.
Kathie Greco
Greenwich, CT

E-mail No. 2

I am unsure if you received my prior e-mail, so I will tell you again: My great aunt had a couple of dates with the late Matt Dillon, from "Gunsmoke." It was when she lived in Denver, Colorado.
Melissa Vittitow
Morganfield, KY

E-mail No. 3

Hey Greta,
Just a quick question on the ship murder: They said George won some money the night before he went missing. Have they found that money?
Gotta run, see ya,

ANSWER: I asked Jennifer Hagel Smith's lawyer this question yesterday and he said that Jennifer was given her husband's things when she got off the ship on July 5 and no money was given her.

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I am a big fan of your show and would just like to suggest that you move on from the cruise ship case! This case was interesting for a few days but it has been run in the ground! I feel the media is trying to make another Natalee Holloway story out of this and it just doesn't have what it takes to keep me interested.
Keep up the good work!
Chris Hall
Albemarle, NC

E-mail No. 5

After viewing some hearings on C-Span, I think its time to change the method of how a Supreme Court judge is chosen. Like certain judges can be picked to choose a candidate for the job, the Senate can just review the candidate's credentials, but the Supreme Court judge is chosen by the Supreme Court itself. The method used now is too long, dragged-on process and is a waste of time. Too many filibusters at these meetings is what's taking so long to choose a judge. I hope someday they change how a judge is chosen... that won't take so long.
Have a nice day Greta,
Virginia Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK

E-mail No. 6

This is another "they said, she said." They claim they went into the cabin to see if the woman's husband was there as they may have needed his consent for the wife's medical care. They say that the cabin was empty. Did they bother to call him over the intercom to come to the cabin? There are agenda's on both sides, and I don't believe either sides story. Also the cabin was cleaned up too quickly.
Joyce Owens
Cincinnati, OH

E-mail No. 7

Hi Greta,
Many years before Nicole Brown was murdered, I met O.J. Simpson in the airport. Sorry that I did not disguise myself as a flight attendant, put him on a flight to Iraq, and let Saddam and Osama make him their new playmate!
Long Island, NY

E-mail No. 8

Hi Greta,
After reading your reader's stories about the celebrities they met, I must tell you about my meetings with John Denver.
In 1975, I was a college student at Long Beach State University. We heard that John Denver was going to be at the Luckys Market in Long Beach filming "Oh God." Well, I'm was and still am, a huge John Denver fan so off I went to meet him. It was earlier in the morning, about 9:00 (yes I skipped classes to do this).
Well, low and behold, there he was, filming scenes from the movie, up and down the aisles. I followed him around the market awhile and finally they took a break in the filming, so I chased him outside by their trailers. I met him there and someone in the crowd took my picture with him. I also had with me a pen and ink drawing my sister had drawn and he signed that as well.
Six months later, John was back in town for a concert and the Los Angeles Interdenominal (sic) Choir was singing with him. I knew the piano player in the choir through my YMCA work and he told my friends and myself where they were going to rehearse. Well, we went up to the church in East LA and there he was again, practicing with the choir. We sat behind Lee Holdridge, his music producer and listened to him rehearse and talked to Lee. When they were finished, we walked out with John and talked to him all the way out to his car.
Greta, John Denver was one of the nicest, sweetest men, you'd ever meet. A true class act! The day he died was one of the saddest days of my life.
I thought you'd get a kick out of my celebrity meeting.
Keep up the good work and finding Natalee Hollaway. Her mother is a true saint.
All the best,
Terry Reesing

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