Cruise Resumes Voyage as Crews Search for Missing Passenger

A Royal Caribbean International cruise ship resumed its voyage to Puerto Rico on Tuesday as Coast Guard crews searched for a passenger reported missing a day earlier.

The Freedom of the Seas turned around Monday to return to the waters east of Eleuthera Island, Bahamas, where it had been sailing when the man was last reported seen. The Coast Guard resumed a search of those waters Tuesday by air.

Relatives last saw the 24-year-old American man around 1:45 a.m. Monday on his stateroom balcony, and reported him missing about seven hours later, according to the cruise line. The man's name was not released.

The FBI and the Bahamian Maritime Authority were also aware of the missing passenger, according to a statement from the Miami-based cruise line.

The ship, carrying 4,141 passengers, was expected to dock in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Wednesday afternoon, a day later than scheduled. It will return to Miami on Sunday morning.

The line is operated by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.