Cruise Rep: Katie Didn't Kick Tom's Family Out of Their House

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Katie Holmes was not the reason Tom Cruise's family moved out of the couple's Beverly Hills home, a spokeswoman for the "Top Gun" star told London's Metro newspaper.

"This has nothing to do with Katie," the rep said.

In Touch magazine reported Wednesday that Holmes, currently guest-starring on the ABC show "Eli Stone," got tired of living with Cruise's mother Mary Lee South, his sister Cass, and Cass' sons.

The actress, 29, reportedly told Tom, 46, that everyone but his children, Bella and Connor, had to move out. A source close to the couple told the magazine that “it’s about time for Tom and Katie to live alone. They never have before."

The adjustment may be difficult for the "Mission: Impossible" star. Both his mother and sister are Scientologists, "he’s very close with his sisters and his mother and he always welcomes his family into his house,” another insider says. “Cass and her sons have been an integral part of Tom’s life, and Cass helps take care of Tom’s children when he is away."

Mary Lee and Cass will reportedly remain at a duplex apartment at the Scientology Center on Hollywood Boulevard, where the entire Cruise family stayed during the renovation of their house.

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