Courtney Love, Friends, Eminem and Hugh Hefner

Is Courtney Love doing Shakespeare? Was Anna Nicole Smith too busy?

Reports have the artist formerly known as Mrs. Kurt Cobain playing Lady Macbeth in a new movie. As for box office prospects, I'd say of the choices are 'to be' or 'not to be,' we're looking at the latter.

Speaking of box office, Serving Sara is serving some empty seats. One more exhibit in the file marked "Friends Movie Curse." It's something that needs to change for most of the cast members after the show goes away. How many more Scream movies can Courteney Cox make?

The big question around Hollywood is whether Eminem will do any press for his forthcoming movie 8 Mile. Especially since it's considered close to biographical. Will the unruly one play by the rules of press junkets, playing nice for journalist after journalist? One industry insider doubts it. Too many personal questions. Too bad, The Foxlight was looking forward to that one.

Finally, in a recent InStyle magazine poll that asked if 'Blondes Have More Fun?' Hugh Hefner had the best answer: "They do with me." He's gotten plenty of field research under his belt.