Court Documents: Accused Prostitute's Clients Included Time Warner, Barrett Associates Executives

A Brazilian woman charged with running a high-end brothel claims her client list included executives with Time Warner Inc. (TWX) and investment counseling firm Barrett Associates, according to court documents.

During police questioning, Andrea Schwartz, 31, claimed that the Barrett executive gave her $50,000 a year in various gifts and had sex with her several times a month.

Schwartz' comments to police were in papers filed Wednesday in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, where she was arraigned on charges of prostitution, promoting prostitution, criminal possession and sale of a controlled substance and money laundering.

Schwartz, a blue-eyed brunette who reportedly speaks several languages, recruited Brazilians for brief stints of prostitution in Manhattan, reportedly charging $800 to $1,500, depending on what the customer wanted, authorities said.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges and was jailed on $500,000 cash bail or $1 million bond. The court papers quote Schwartz as saying she believed that about $1.5 million had passed through her accounts since 2001.

Schwartz named as her clients Wayne Pace, vice president and chief financial officer of Time Warner, and Bob Voccola, chief investment officer of Barrett Associates.

Schwartz said Pace gave her $200,000 between 2001 and 2004. Ed Adler, a spokesman for Time Warner, said his company was aware of the allegations involving Pace. He said the company had "conducted a review and found no illegal conduct by Mr. Pace or misuse of corporate funds."

A telephone call seeking comment from Voccola at Barrett Associates was not immediately returned. The Daily News and New York Post reported Thursday that Voccola had been suspended from his job.

Schwartz said during questioning by police that Voccola gave her about $50,000 a year in cash, mortgage payments and checks in exchange for sex. She claimed he also offered financial and immigration advice and helped her with her mortgage.