Couric Finally Answers Rather's 'Tart' Comment in Web Video

"This tart is ready to go!"

So declares CBS News anchor Katie Couric in a humorous sendoff to her straight-arrow and often critical predecessor, Dan Rather.

"I'm gonna be like Dan Rather on YouTube," Couric tells her production crew in a video produced by comedian Harry Shearer on and distributed through YouTube.

Couric was preparing for an outdoor segment during her newscast last week in Nashville when she clowned to her colleagues about a 20-minute Shearer-created video of Rather obsessed with fixing his overcoat during a similar shoot in Seattle.

"Wait, whaddya think, Mike?'" Couric says, mimicking Rather. "I think this looks good, this looks more anchorwoman-ish."

Rather earlier this year took a verbal slap at his former bosses, saying they had "tarted up" the "Evening News" since he left and Couric took his seat.

In the new clip, Couric slaps back.

"I'm going to get in trouble," she says. "Too bad. Come on, it would have been funny. Jeez, don't you think he deserves a little payback?

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