Cops Use Facebook to Try to Find Mom of Abandoned Newborn

British Police are scouring Facebook for clues in the case of a dead baby dumped at a recycling plant, the Sun reported.

The body of a newborn girl was discovered among piles of garbage at a recycling site in Cambridgeshire last week.

Authorities suspect the mother may be a teen who kept her pregnancy secret from family and friends. That’s why detectives in the area are using social networking sites, including Facebook and MySpace, for any leads on potentially pregnant teen girls, according to the Sun.

"While we are still keeping an open mind about where this baby came from and why it was necessary to put her body into the city waste system, we want to get as many young people as possible thinking about whether they know someone who could be this mother in distress,” Detective Inspector Adrian Todd told the Sun.

“It may be that they are aware of a girl unusually putting on weight or behaving out of the ordinary in the way she dressed and behaved.

“Anyone with even the slightest suspicion should not dismiss any thoughts as being not important.”

The plant processes recyclable waste from the local area. The facility, which opened in 1997, is owned by Peterborough City Council operated by Viridor Waste Management Ltd.

A council spokesman told the Times of London last week: “The materials recycling facility will remain closed while police continue their investigation following the tragic discovery."

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