Cops Nab Caped Foot Fetishist in NYC

He’s not so much a superhero, but he’d definitely qualify as a super-freak.

Cops in New York City finally got a leg up on a freaky foot fetishist who got his giggles fondling women’s tootsies while wearing a Superman getup, the New York Post reports.

Sean Cumberbatch was charged with menacing, forcible touching and harassment after he couldn’t keep his mitts off the hooves of unsuspecting ladies.

The super-zero was first busted in April when he chased down a woman in his super-dude duds, sat on the sidewalk in front of her, wrapped his cape around her legs and snatched one of her sandals.

When the one-shoed woman hobbled after him, he chucked the sandal back at her.

Since then, he’s been suspected in a string of foot-caressing ambushes, but thanks to the pavement-pounding work of the police, fair-footed females in New York have nothing more to fear.


TOKYO (AP) — Soccer is for the birds here — more specifically, the crows.

A flock of the birds dressed in soccer jerseys showed off their dribbling and shooting skills at a Japanese zoo as football fever gripped the nation.

The four young carrion crows at Tokuyama Zoo in western Japan used their beaks to dribble a miniature ball toward a soccer goal, sometimes tackling each other for possession before scoring, according to head zookeeper Satoru Tanaka.

The crows get tidbits every time they score, Tanaka said.

"We tried to coach owls and falcons as well, but the crows were the best. They're such intelligent creatures," he said.

The birds have only received about a month's training, he added.

The zoo is now trying to teach the avian team to pass and take free kicks, according to Tanaka.

Graduatin' Granny Knows It's Better Late Than Never

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A 98-year-old woman who had a nearly four-decade career as an accountant finally graduated from high school on Wednesday, 80 years after she left without a diploma.

Josephine Belasco still goes out for cocktails with friends, reads the newspaper and cooks Italian dinners for her family. But she said she always regretted dropping out of Galileo High School.

After her younger sister became bed-ridden with a severe case of strep throat and wasn't expected to live, she quit school to take care of her and got a job at an insurance company to help support the family. Her sister, Angelina, survived and now lives in the apartment next door.

Belasco said one of her grandsons recently encouraged her to go back, telling her it wasn't too late to finish. "I always felt bad about it, and I'm glad I finally made it," she said.

Belasco's son, Eddie, took his mother to Galileo to ask how she could get her diploma. The nonagenarian's transcripts were still at the school.

Belasco, a sophomore when Galileo opened in 1924, was close to graduating. Galileo administrators decided to grant her an honorary diploma after some tutoring sessions with Galileo students. She didn't have take the new high school exit exam.

The 4-foot-10 Belasco attended the ceremony in the smallest sized cap and gown available.

"She's probably wise beyond her years, and what she didn't pick up in high school, she picked up in her long and busy life," said the school's longtime secretary, Bettie Grinnell.

Arson Gets Me Fired Up!

LAKE HARMONY, Pa. (AP) — A volunteer fireman from White Haven is in jail, facing charges that he set fire to two abandoned buildings in order to create some excitement for the squad.

John Kehler is a lieutenant in the Kidder Township Volunteer Fire Company in Carbon County.

Authorities say he worked with two fellow firefighters, who are also expected to be charged. They say the suspects were among the first to respond when the fires broke out last month.

Trooper David Klitsch of the state police Fire Marshal Unit says the three men told investigators they didn't want to hurt anyone — "they said they were simply looking for some calls."

A Carbon County judge this week ordered Kehler held on $100,000 cash bail. He faces a long list of charges that include arson, conspiracy and criminal mischief.

The Goat's Gotta Go

MANHATTAN, Mont. (AP) — The town council has ordered Bob Perkins to find a new home for the goat that eats the weeds and grass on his front lawn.

"I can have two obnoxious dogs, but not a cute goat," Perkins said.

Mayor Tony Haag said the town of about 1,400 people is growing and cannot afford to allow one of its residents to have a goat. If it did, he said, what would stop other town residents from keeping goats, too?

An adjacent property owner recently complained about the goat, which Perkins has owned for about a year. Another neighbor vouched for the goat, saying it was quiet and friendly. The town council voted Tuesday night to force him to remove the goat.

Compiled by's Taylor Timmins.

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