Cops Impound Cars at Home of Missing Girl

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Police continued the search Saturday for any evidence in the possible death of 6-year-old Aarone Thompson, carting bags of evidence and even cars from the residence.

The girl was reported missing on Monday by her father Aaron Thompson, but after three days of looking for her the search turned into a homicide investigation. No arrests have been made.

Thompson and his girlfriend Shely Lowe, both considered "persons of interest" by the police, have denied requests to speak with investigators, Aurora police spokesman Rudy Herrera said.

Attorney Leta Holden, who represents the family, has said that the family told her each member of the family has submitted DNA samples and fingerprints.

Police called off the search after someone close to the family gave them a tip that Aarone might have been killed as long as 18 months ago.

Police aren't sure what spurred the missing person report earlier this week.

Aarone Thompson's mother, who lives in a homeless shelter in Detroit, told Denver's KCNC-TV she heard from a family friend that her daughter's paternal grandmother was coming from Michigan for a Thanksgiving visit.

"It got back to me that she was coming to see her grandchildren. With his mama on the way there, she's going to want to know where her grandbaby's at especially when she's got a lot of gifts and stuff to give her," Lynette Thompson told the station.