Cops Confiscate 36 Pit Bulls After Colorado Dog Attack

A man who had the tip of his finger bitten off by a pit bull faces charges of animal cruelty and neglect after officers found 36 dogs in cages, some of them with apparent signs of fighting.

Michael Padilla, 38, also had his dogs confiscated by animal control as an officer stood by with a shotgun in case the animals got loose, Denver police spokeswoman Virginia Quinones said Monday.

Padilla was also cited for violating Denver's pit bull ordinance, which in some instances includes euthanizing the animals.

Officers described the pit bulls as "extremely massive." Padilla told police he recently arrived from Texas and was keeping the animals at the house as he prepared to move to a home in Brighton.

Neighbors called police after hearing dogs barking.

He said the animals, which officers said had old blood stains on their fur, were for show.

"Anyone that is familiar with show dogs would know that these dogs were in no condition to be in the show ring," Quinones said.

Paramedics were unable to find Padilla's fingertip.