Cop Uses Taser to Save Elderly Man From Charging Bull

A police officer used his Taser to control a bull that attacked a man on a Minnesota farm.

The Stearns County sheriff's office says 74-year-old Melvin Pundsack was knocked down and attacked by a bull while he and his wife were trying to herd cows on their son's farm late Sunday morning.

Rose Pundsack, 66, was forced to stand on a snowpile for safety.

At first, responders could not help Melvin Pundsack because the animal was too aggressive. So an Albany police officer used his Taser on the animal to allow rescue members to get Pundsack out and take him to the hospital.

"It wasn't like he was real mean; he just kind of was playing with us, you know?" Rose Pundsack told the Star Tribune. "He ... was putting his head down, which I didn't appreciate."

Her husband says he's "pretty sore" but he's "holding up."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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