Connect the Dots With Barack Obama

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Connect the dots…

Start with ACORN, the radical community activist group that has repeatedly been caught at voter fraud, registering nonexistent people to vote. It received hundreds of millions of dollars to hand out to low income people for home mortgages and almost got three quarters of a billion dollars in yesterday's failed bail out bill.

Young lawyer Barack Obama trained ACORN street activists and community organizers for campaigns to pressure banks to lower lending standards.

Add in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in recent years run by two prominent Democrats, Franklin Raines, and Jim Johnson, who personally took millions in bonuses while buying up a trillion dollars worth of mortgages. Both are advisers to and supporters of Barack Obama.

Throw in the failed bailout Monday in which Barack Obama's national co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr. voted against the bill. Twenty-one members of the Congressional Black Caucus, all Obama supporters, voted against the bailout. In fact, just among Obama's most dedicated supporters in the House yesterday there were ample votes to pass the bailout.

All these dots are connected.

Who benefits from the bailout failing and the economy staggering? The polls say it is one candidate: Barack Obama.

So more economic turmoil helps Barack Obama. Does it help you?

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