Marina Ein will no longer be Congressman Gary Condit's spokesperson, Fox News has learned.

Ein, Condit's spokesperson throughout much of the Chandra Levy investigation, said she was leaving simply because her job was done.

"I'm leaving because it's the right time to step down from the level of activity we were at," she said.

Ein added that the Condit "story" is already moving "to a different level of activity." She said there are not as many press calls at this time and since she does not anticipate Condit doing any more interviews at this point, there's no need for her involvement.

The public relations professional said she's not leaving because of any "friction or division within the Condit camp." She said there was "no major difference of opinion on how Condit's public relations strategy should have been handled," and that she may return at some point on an as-needed basis.

But two other Condit sources said that there were some major divisions in the camp, and that Democratic consultant Ritchie Ross had wanted Condit to do a much bigger mea culpa.

Ein said calls to the congressman will now be handled by his congressional staff.

In other news, Democrats planned Friday to unveil a new congressional map under which new voters could comprise nearly 40 percent of Condit's district, said state Sen. Don Perata, the Democratic chairman of the Senate elections committee.

Tony Quinn, a California political analyst and former Republican redistricting consultant, said the redrawn district would put Condit among unfamiliar, and more liberal, Democratic voters, should he run again.

Those voters would be unlikely to support someone as tarnished as Condit, Quinn said, and some other Democrat might have a better chance of success.

Condit's political future, and whether he would have a friendly House district in which to run next year, have been the subject of intense speculation since the April 30 disappearance of former Washington, D.C., intern Chandra Levy.

Condit has admitted to having had a relationship with Levy, and the controversy surrounding the affair has eroded his political standing. A weekend poll showed Condit's constituents giving him high marks for his performance in office, but only 27 percent said they'd vote for him again.

Meanwhile, a group of Condit staff members came out in support of the congressman, saying he never told them to lie about his relationship with Levy. Some staff members have been criticized for denying a romantic link between Levy and Condit.

The staffers said Thursday on CNN's Larry King Live that they had not questioned their boss about his relationship with Levy.

"With the rumors that I had heard, I never asked Gary Condit those kinds of questions," said Jackie Mullen, Condit's longtime executive secretary.

Under the map reviewed Thursday by Condit's staff, he would gain new voters in San Joaquin County, but lose voters in eastern Stanislaus County, which has always been part of the district.

"You never want to lose any of your base," conceded Mike Lynch, Condit's chief of staff.

But he added that under the plan, the proportion of Democrats in the district would increase from 46 percent to 51 percent. Republicans, meanwhile, would decline from 39 percent to 35 percent.

"It's a good thing for any Democratic candidate in the district. Certainly it's a good thing for Gary," Lynch said.

Condit was re-elected with more than 67 percent of the vote last year, but President Bush carried the district with nearly 53 percent. It was the only Democratic-held House district that Bush carried in California.

Perata characterized the changes in the Senate's plan as a way to keep the district in Democratic hands whether Condit runs or not.

The changes are required to reflect population changes revealed by the Census. Democrats control the process because they hold majorities in both houses and the governor's seat.

Condit's home in the Modesto suburb of Ceres would be part of the district that would move north to pick up Democratic areas near Stockton.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.