Rep. Gary Condit recently filed for re-election in California, and Foxnews.com readers are not pleased. Many readers feel that Condit's refusal to cooperate with the investigation into Chandra Levy's dissappearance should legally bar him from being able to run again for the congressional seat.

Readers were also outraged at the story of Eileen Luongo, a Fort Lauderdale hospital nurse who was fired after speaking with the FBI at her job. She claimed that she recognized a few of the hijackers in a local newspaper photograph published after the Sept. 11 attacks.  Foxnews.com readers feel Luongo was done a great injustice, and that the actions of her boss, Carlos Sosa, were unconstiutional.  Readers said that Sosa's behavior suggests he may be linked to the terrorism and fired Luongo to protect himself.

Here's a sample of this week's mail:

— Tell Gary Condit to go to hell.  Even if he did not personally kill Chandra, someone in his dirty bunch did. We had enough with a sex-crazed guy for eight years, named "Bill Clinton." We do not need the same kind of person in Congress.

— We have become a sad group of human beings who can deny and deny and deny until we have others believing every statement that we choose to deny. It's a travesty to have so much gall and nerve to deceive others. It makes me sick to my stomach to see more abuse of voters who want to believe in and rally behind someone truthful.  Hopefully, this sly ol' fox will have his day.

— If America crumbles it will be because we have, as a country, elected criminals such as Ted K. and Condit to elected office. To fix our electorial process only one change is neccessary. That change would be to make politicians legally liable for telling lies about what they promise to do, as well as that if they distort statistics during their campaigns they would be eliminated from the election. Gary Condit should be forced to take a polygraph and not be allowed to run until the Levy case has been resolved!

— Gary condit is a disgrace to the public .Why would any decent person vote for him? How can we keep him from running again?

— This just confirms the Americans' worst fears of how unjust and unchangeable the Democratic party has become . My hope is that the people of this country will no longer put up with bed-wetting lying liberals anymore.

— I am surprised that Condit decided to run after all. I am sure the tragic events of  9/11 have kept certain things out of the public eye. His shameful behavior has caused Chandra's family more anguish than any
human should ever have to endure. His statement that the press is going to have to make the decision of
fairness to him, sounds as though he is trying to play the "victim." Yes Mr. Condit, we, the public, are well aware of your past performance, and it's frightening what you may have planned for the future.

— This "man" obviously has no conscience whatsoever. I don't really understand the Levy family's attitude towards Condit's involvement in their daughter's disappearance. Had it been my daughter, I would have showed up at Condit's office with a baseball bat, and in ten minutes, I would have known exactly what happened to my daughter. Doesn't anybody stand up for themselves anymore?

— This article perked my attention.  The connection between southern Florida and the Sept. 11 terrorists is already fairly firm.  It appears that this hospital may have a deeper connection than what shows on the surface.  While the information provided in a single phone interview doesn't provide a clear trail of implication into the Sept. 11 attacks, Americans need to keep in mind that it doesn't take an Arab extremist to assist a terrorist cell. 

— If it be confirmed that she indeed lost her job subsequent to providing information to the FBI, then perhaps the hospital administration should be investigated for possible involvement in the terrorist planning in some supported role.  That part of Florida has been identified as a hot bed for terrorist cell activity.

— Unfortunately, this behavior is alot more common than what meets the eye. The good thing is that she came forward and exposed these slime bags. I hope more Americans step up to the plate and take Luongos' example to heart and help serve in our nation's needs. There is a right and wrong America and Luongos' action is exemplary to what our country is really about. She could work for me anytime. I would be honored.