Complete Multimedia Coverage of Hurricane Ike

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FOX News provides the latest updates on Hurricane Ike with video, photos, graphics and other multimedia coverage of the storm as it hits the Texas coast.

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Meteorologist Janice Dean, Weather Machine

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Waves Crash Ashore as Texas Braces for Ike

• Hurricane Ike Hits Texas

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• Pet rescue photos

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• Giant wave takes out FOX News' Geraldo Rivera.

• Geraldo on covering hurricanes.

• Hurricane Ike batters Clear Lake, Texas

• Texas hospitals prepare for Hurricane Ike.

• Texas liquor store rides out Ike.

• Houston Emergency Center: Things looking positive.

• Red Cross on relief-fund red alert.

• Freighter stalls as Ike looms.

• National Hurricane Center warning.

• Meteorologist Janice Dean tracks Ike.

• Galveston's monster waves.

• Galveston man who would look Ike in the eye.

• Health tips to weather out a massive storm.

• Some told to stay put before Ike hits.

• Ike's eye headed toward Lake Jackson, Texas.

• Freighter stranded in Ike's path.

• Woman enduring Ike in home built in 1895.

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