Common Sense: Those Are the Rules!

Look who's crying foul now.

Some Democrats now say it's unfair for Republicans to use Vice President Dick Cheney as a tie-breaker. That it's somehow cheating if Cheney breaks a 50-50 logjam in the Senate and casts the deciding vote for a White House budget and tax cut the Democrats hate.

Excuse me? Did I hear you right?

You had no problem at all with the last vice president casting the deciding vote eight years ago for a budget that raised taxes. You argued then it would be good for us later. And things were good for us later, but did that budget have anything to do with that? I'm not so sure.

But of this, I am sure. Your hypocrisy sickens me. No, you sicken me. At every turn. On every issue you have called almost every-thing this president has done nothing short of evil, or at the least, suspect. Listen, I know you don't like the fact George Bush is even in the White House. That doesn't mean you should demean everything he's done from the White House.

I say, get over it. And quit being so smarmy — you look trashy. And you're not alone. I guess you could say the same of Republicans who looked on incredulously eight years ago at a budget not one of them voted for, only to see Al Gore save the day for the Democrats. Now it's Dick Cheney who could do the same for the Republicans.

But those are the rules, guys. Live with it and shut up.

If you can't rally votes to your cause, rally your party to something called the Constitution and save the arguments for another battle, another day. You still might win. But hopefully, playing fairly. Not attacking negatively. It demeans you. It demeans our country.

Perhaps you care less about either. Right now, the way you're acting, I care a hell of a lot less about you. Not because of the side of the battle you're on, but the tacky way you fought the battle in the first place.

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