Common Sense: These are Taxing Times

Some people have all the gall in the world.

Take these buffoons who are now arguing that a tax rebate will shut us up. That a $300 check or some such nonsense will once and for all shut down all this tax cutting nonsense.

You've got to be kidding.

I wasn't born yesterday, even though this nifty scheme by some Democrats was only concocted a little before yesterday.

Here's what they're saying: We don't think you need a multi-year tax cut, just a one-shot fix to get you over this economic hump.

Question: exactly who's humping whom?

Do you think I'm so eager for a $300 nicotine fix that we don't see what we're sacrificing longer term?

I'd much rather be looking forward to my taxes coming down over a lot of years, then a temporary jolt just this year. And I don't think I'm alone.

But you have the audacity to think that maybe this will shut them up. As if it's your money in the first place. The arrogance of some of these guys goes beyond the pale. Let me be clear: it's not your money and it never was.

A little more than a year ago, a lot of you said a tax cut — any tax cut — would be a mistake. But suddenly an economic slowdown and you're Santa Claus. But with more tricks than toys in your bag.

You think it's easier to give them a little money now and not a lot later, so you can spend more than a lot in the meantime.

Well, I'm onto you. And so are most clear thinking folks.

The bottom line is the problem isn't whether you'll have enough money to spend, but whether your grand spending will have enough money. There is a difference and I know it.

You're thieves and crooked thieves at that. You blasted George Bush for proposing a tax cut, even when we had the money. Now you're blasting him, saying we don't. Yet who's come full circle? The guy who says it's our money or the bureaucrats who insist it never was?

Save the rebates for car salesmen. Save the truth for us.

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